Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Hindi Poem: सालगिरह के अवसर पर:...


तेरे बिना जीवन के हर रंग मे ख़ुशी थी,

  तेरे मिलने से रंगों में निखार आ गया !!

गर्मियों की तपती लू मे, पीपल की छाव अची लगती थी,

  तेरे मिलने से गरमीयों की कडकती धुप में खुमार आ गया !!!

बर्फ़िले जाड़े मे, आंगन की धुप दिल को लुभाथी थी, 

  तेरे मिलने से जाड़े की सकपकाती हवा मे करार आ गया !!


भाई की दोस्ती, माँ का प्यार, बहन का दुलार,

  यह था मेरा सुखी संसार,

तुझको पाने से संसार का आधार युगों तक बड गया,

  सुख का अह्सास, जीवन की हर राह पे मिल गया !!


जीवन की भाषा बदल गई,

   जिनदगी को नयी परिभाषा मिल गई,

घर में एक सूरज ला कर, दिनो मे जग्महट भर धी,

   एक चाँद को सजा कर, रातों को चांदनी दे दी


लोग कहते हैं, स्रष्टि मे एक भगवान् है,

   मेरे लिए एक ऊपर, एक घर में भगवान् है

सिरफ कुछ साल नहीं, सारी उम्र तेरा साथ मिले,

   सिरफ यह जनम नहीं, हर जनम तेरा साथ मिले !!!  



Monday, April 18, 2016

Is a glass of wine good for heart or?

WineA glass of wine is good for heart. We often hear it. I don’t know if it is true or not. Nevertheless, I think wine is very good for memory and this is my recent conclusion based on a very ‘scientific’ phone conversation.
My friend picked up his phone and asked loudly, “Hello, who is it?”
“Hey, it is Amrit.”
“Who?”His reply was as if he was talking with a totally unknown person.
“It is Amrit. Do you remember me? We met at Sanjay’s house.”
“Hey, I don’t remember any Amrit. I seriously do not. My memory is not very good man.” It seemed like he did not have any recollection of me. That was strange.
“I wanted to invite you for a party. I got some wine here.” I stated my reason for the call.
“Oh, yes. I vaguely remember you. Your voice is familiar.” Mention of the word ‘wine’ rejuvenated the brain cells responsible for decoding voice.
“Please do come. A friend gifted me this wine. He says it is very old.” I further added.
“I remember you. You worked with Nortel and now you work with Nokia.” An additional word ‘old’ fed a burst of oxygen to old memory cells and suddenly my work history is retrieved from the ‘Recycle Bin’ to the root directory.
“I am glad. Wine is probably of 1970s. I will text you my address.”
“I remember your house. You live in Rajiv’s neighborhood. What time shall I come?” The age of his brain cells is perhaps less than wine’s age, so they have to become active. His memory cells cleared like a stream of water cleans the dust from surface.
My friend arrived on time and his memory is completely restored. That proves my hypothesis.